Trump’s War with the Deep State Swamp Is Just Beginning

The concept of the “Deep State” is not something that has been in the minds of the American people until the past few months, but is now quickly becoming a commonly used term.

In fact, although once regarded strictly as conspiracy theory jargon, the average American has recently witnessed the Deep State in action, leaving little to no doubt that such an entity most certainly does exist.

The term “Deep State” is generally refers to a collective of members of the intelligence community, establishment elites, extremely wealthy “shadow” rulers like George Soros, and members of the mainstream media.

This loose conglomerate of “string pullers” operates in concerted effort to “make things happen” and has long been the subject of many a bunker-dwelling conspiracy theorist, although now, their existence has become undeniable.

We see their influence in action every day, they’re barely bothering to hide it now.

Though the term has been around for quite some time, and has been used in reference to non-American governments and countries, it has also been applied to the political scene in America itself, however, until recently, it has largely been met with skepticism and overlooked as little more than a conspiracy theory.

However, in recent months, it has become apparent that there is such an entity in existence, in some form or another, as we’ve seen the blatant and desperate attempts to undermine President Trump; a disturbingly coordinated effort between the mainstream media and establishment politicians from both ends of the political spectrum.

At this point, it has become undeniable that there are larger forces at work, all of whom are involved in a concerted effort to remove President Trump from power, and who are so arrogant that they’re not even bothering to hide their agenda.

In their desperation, the “men behind the curtain” have made many recent mistakes, and have not bothered to cloak themselves in the shadows which once kept them hidden in the darkness.

This tactical error, stemming from their desperate and frantic fear as they’ve seen their own control over the country slipping away, has lead them to make many possibly fatal mistakes, and they’ve exposed themselves to more Americans than ever before.

When Donald Trump began gaining steam in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, the evidence of such an organization began to surface.

Suddenly negative things began being release against Trump at an alarming rate; things like the “locker room” secret tape, and who was behind it but someone tied to the Bush family.

As things heated up, and it became more clear that Trump would likely win, the “powers that be” began to panic.

After the election, these united enemies of President Trump have not attempted to hide their presence or influence nearly as much as they have previously done.
Politicians, supposedly on his side, have taken every opportunity to oppose him and undermine his decisions.

The intelligence community has openly engaged in a seditious smear campaign against him, even going so far as to push fake news and anti-Trump propaganda.

The lying mainstream media has lead a relentless assault against our president as well, they have promoted slanderous and libelous lies against President Trump and his family at a non-stop pace since he announced his candidacy.

None of this is coincidental, it is indeed a concerted effort on the part of those who see themselves as our superiors and rulers, to stop the American people from regaining control of our country.

President Trump terrifies them, because he’s an outsider who isn’t part of their elite club, and most importantly, because he refuses to serve them; rather, he remains loyal the the average American people.

After ruling over us like lords for decades, these would-be-kings are scared and angry, and have come to feel extreme disdain for the American people who chose Trump to help take our freedom back.

They are desperate to remain in power, and to continue to lord over us as if we were merely peasants, and they are incredulous towards the average American for daring to rise against them.

The election of President Trump sent them a clear message, but they’re too arrogant to heed it; rather than slithering back into the shadows they have dwelled in for so long, they’re engaging in open rebellion against both Trump and the American people.

In doing so, they’ve made a costly tactical error, and have exposed their existence and their agenda to more people than they ever dreamed possible.



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